Saturday, May 12, 2018

Powershell Script - Invoke-RemoteShellCommand - Run remote Linux bash commands with output wrapper

Recently, I've been working much more with linux servers and I even challenged myself to run Ubuntu on my primary personal laptop while still doing mostly powershell development.  I needed a way to quickly scale powershell core deployment out to servers, so I came up with a little wrapper function which simplifies this task leveraging putty's plink ssh client.  Her'e's what I came up with.

Powershell Script - 7zip/unzip powershell native replacement

Last year, I was tasked with creating a replacement for unzip executables in our environment with native powershell/.net extraction function. Because our environment used to heavily rely on both 7z.exe and unzip.exe (code has been updated so it's not anymore), I made a series of functions which mimic a limited set of parameter behavior for these executables. Here's what I came up with.